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60,000 police officers nationwide to man National Exams

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60,000 police officers nationwide to man National Exams

Over 60,000 security personnel have been deployed across the country as part of the government’s effort to increase safety at national testing sites and preserve test validity. The National Guard and National Government Administration Officials have been called into action to provide security.

Throughout the duration of the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Examinations (KCSE), Kenya Certificate of Primary Examinations (KCPE), and Kenya Primary School Education Assessment (KPSEA), they are primarily responsible for managing examination containers and ensuring the safety of students, teachers, and supervisors.

Principal Secretary of the Interior Raymond Omollo disclosed that national and regional Command and Communication centers have been set up to closely monitor and manage the examination process to ensure a smooth operation. During the exam period, the Ministry of Interior will be important in aiding the Ministry of Education through coordination, logistics, and providing constant security.

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Every container used for an examination will be kept at NGAO facilities, under 24-hour surveillance. Police Sergeant Omollo has issued a strong warning against exam impersonation, stressing the legal repercussions of doing so.

A mobile phone restriction around testing facilities was also underlined, and he warned against the illegal use of messaging apps like WhatsApp, Telegram, and Signal to disseminate exam cheat sheets.

With the help of County Security and Intelligence Committees (CSIC) and Sub-County Security and Intelligence Committees (SCSIC), the government has made preparations to address security risks during the test period. Plans have also been made to deal with natural calamities like flooding, including the selection of evacuation centers that can double as backup testing facilities.

In the event that heavy rains make some regions inaccessible, ground and air support will be made available, and disaster committees will keep a careful eye on the condition of roads, power, and buildings near testing centers.

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Over 3.5 million students are registered to take this year’s examinations from October 30th to November 24th, so these precautions are understandably necessary. A total of 1,4,000,000 will sit for the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE), 1,2,000,000 for the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KAPSEA), and 903,260 for the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education.




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