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All Continuing University Students Read This Message from HELB

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All Continuing University Students Read This Message from HELB

Higher Education Loans Board (HELB) has just lately made an important declaration regarding the distribution of educational loans to Kenyan students who are pursuing higher education.

Through the dissemination of a press statement earlier this evening, the Higher Education Loan Board (HELB) has taken the initiative to initiate the disbursement of cash to continuing students as well as higher education institutions.

This most recent report reveals that HELB has already begun the process of disbursing loans to Kenyan students, a step that will be of significant benefit to more than 175,000 undergraduates and around 70,000 TVET students, all of whom are currently participating in the older model of finance for higher education.

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Notably, the monies are being distributed to the students through a number of channels, such as traditional financial institutions as well as the practical HELB mobile wallet.

In addition, the notification emphasizes the significance of fast action being taken by each and every higher education institution.

As the funds for the students’ tuition have already been disbursed, they are highly advised to advise their pupils to finish the registration process for the expenses associated with the tuition.

The date of October 5, 2023 has been selected as the cut-off point for this registration. It is imperative that first-year students take note that the cut-off date for applications for scholarships and loans is set for October 7th, 2023. This date is very important.

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HELB Send This Message to All Continuing University Students

This announcement has enormous repercussions, particularly for students who rely largely on these financial resources in order to maintain their study at the current level. This ensures that they have the necessary financial resources to pursue their academic pursuits without having to take a break for whatever reason.

The Higher Education Loans Board (HELB) has demonstrated its dedication to meeting the educational goals of Kenya’s students by taking this proactive action.


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