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Apply Now for 35 Judicial Service Commission Jobs

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Apply Now for 35 Judicial Service Commission Jobs

The Judicial Service Commission (JSC) has just lately made public the announcement that there are currently 35 open jobs within the Kenya Judiciary Academy and the Directorate of Planning and Organization Performance. The Judicial Selection Committee has, via a notice that was distributed on a Friday, given an invitation to those who are qualified to submit their applications for these positions.

People who are interested in these opportunities are strongly invited to visit the Commission’s job portal in order to obtain complete instructions on how to apply, as well as comprehensive job descriptions, appointment requirements, and other information.

According to the notice, the Commission must receive all applications no later than 5 o’clock on October 6, 2023. It is vital to take note of this deadline, as it is indicated in the notice.

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The Judicial Service Commission has made it clear that following the application procedure, only those candidates who have been shortlisted and who have been successful will be contacted. In addition, the Commission has issued a warning against any type of canvassing, stressing that activities of this nature will result in instant disqualification of the candidate.

In addition, the Judicial Service Commission takes great pride in reiterating its commitment to being an employer that provides equal employment opportunities and that selects applicants on the basis of their merit through the use of a competition that is both fair and open and that takes into account a large number of candidates who are eligible.

One Deputy Director post for Judicial Education and Curriculum Development (KJA) is one of the advertised vacancies, in addition to the Director of Planning and Organisation Performance, two Deputy Director positions for Planning and Organisation Performance, and one Deputy Director position for Planning and Organisation Performance.

In addition to this, there are openings for the following positions: Senior Economist/Statistician/Research Officer, Senior Partnership and Linkage Officer (KJA), Senior Protocol Officer (KJA), Curriculum Development Officer (KJA), Monitoring and Evaluation Officer (KJA), and Protocol Officer (KJA).

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In addition, the JSC has advertised 21 open positions for Economist/Statistician/Research Officer I, of which six are available and the remaining 15 are available for Economist/Statistician/Research Officer II. It is essential to take note that advertisements for the latter posts will be made solely in an internal publication that is only accessible to members of the Judicial Staff.




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