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Babu Owino Issues Protest Threat Due to HELB Release Delay

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Babu Owino Issues Protest Threat Due to HELB Release Delay

In a video speech that drew widespread notice, Babu Owino, Member of Parliament for Embakasi East, demanded that the Higher Education Loans Board (HELB) immediately pay monies to students.

Owino expressed profound worry about the plight of students who lack the finances to cover their basic requirements, such as food, shelter, and transportation. These difficulties have emerged as a result of the delayed receipt of HELB money, which has prevented students from paying their tuition and attending classes.

In his appeal, Owino urged Treasury CS Prof. Ndung’u to collaborate closely with HELB to accelerate the disbursement of monies. He emphasized the importance of the issue and the necessity to avoid any delays in delivering much-needed financial assistance to students at various universities.

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Recognizing the restrictions of available money, Owino highlighted that any further delays are unjustified and advocated immediate action.

Furthermore, Owino urged student leaders around the country to be aggressive in fighting for the release of money and to accept their obligations to successfully represent their constituents. He urged students to organize peaceful rallies and engage in advocacy to solve important student issues, but warned them against causing property damage during protests.

Owino recommended students not to cause damage to school or public property, but instead to hold peaceful daily protests to properly express their concerns.

Notably, prior to his legislative function, Owino was president of the Kenya Universities Students Organization (KUSO), where he emphasized the timely disbursement of HELB monies.

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After conversations with Education CS Honorable Ezekiel Machogu and University Education & Research PS Dr. Beatrice Inyangala, Antony Manyara, the current president of KUSO, announced that HELB had committed to releasing the monies and ensuring payment by the following Monday.

HELB did not respond to questions about the issue.



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