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HomeAcademicsBy the end of 2023, TSC expects to have promoted 50,000 educators.

By the end of 2023, TSC expects to have promoted 50,000 educators.

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By the end of 2023, TSC expects to have promoted 50,000 educators

50,000 Educators Will Advance Their Careers by the End of 2023 World Teachers’ Day was celebrated on October 5, 2022, at Kenya Government Schools in Nairobi, where Teacher Service Commissioner (TSC) Jamlek Muturi gave the keynote address.

50,000 new teachers will be hired this year, according to the Teachers Service Commission (TSC).

After receiving Ksh1 billion, TSC chairman Dr. Jamleck Muturi announced in March that training for 50,000 new employees will begin in March and go through November.

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Following a meeting with St. Louis’s education community, the district sent a statement to the press.

The head of the Commission has pledged to work tirelessly to address the concerns voiced by the Council.

He argued that if problems were resolved, educators would feel empowered to meet the needs of their students.

Dr. Muturi has stated that measures have been taken to address the district-wide teacher shortage.

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The TSC’s chief of mental health has stated that they have made plans for the impacted clinics’ employees to receive rehabilitation services.

Paid time off has been offered to some of the impacted employees, he said.

George Opiyo, the chairman of KESSHA in Kisumu, David Obuon, the executive secretary of KNUT in Kisumu, Gordon Olando, his counterpart in Kisumu West, and Ellie Ondiek, the chairman of KEPSHA in Kisumu, were all present at the forum.

Both Duncan Owio (Kisumu Boys School) and Kennedy Oguta (Bishop Abiero Secondary School) are among the participating principals.

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