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Clarification From TSC On Teacher Replacement

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Clarification From TSC On Teacher Replacement

The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) has announced that it will fill the positions of any and all teachers who leave their jobs due to natural attrition during the fourth quarter of this year. These teachers will be hired from all parts of the country. During the months of July and August, about one thousand teachers quit their positions and will need to be replaced as part of this initiative. TSC plans to announce these open positions as quickly as possible in order to minimize the amount of disruption that will be caused to the education of the students.

The Chief Executive Officer of TSC addressed the ongoing rumors and speculations concerning the procedure and encouraged educators to remain patient. As soon as the advertisement for these vacancies has been approved, TSC will send a notification to all teachers through their official social media sites. The commission wants to publish a comprehensive list of available opportunities, along with details on the educational institutions where these openings may be found as well as the required subject areas of study.

It was highlighted by Macharia, who is the TSC spokesperson, that successful applicants may be assigned to serve anywhere in the country and not just in the region in which they were recruited for the position. During the application process, each and every teaching opportunity that is currently open will be detailed on the TSC website, making it easy to access and consult for further information.

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The scarcity of teachers in Kenyan schools, which was mostly caused by the 100% reform initiative initiated by former President Uhuru Kenyatta, has impeded both the growth of schools and the implementation of policies.

As a result of the transition from primary schools, it is now anticipated that there would be a shortage of around 38,054 teachers in elementary schools and a far more severe shortage of approximately 58,291 teachers in post-primary institutions. According to figures provided by the TSC, there is a lack of 96,000 qualified teachers working in Kenyan schools.

In addition, because of their large student populations, Technical and Vocational Education Training Colleges have a demand for around 5,000 extra instructors. The current government is hard at work formulating a plan to increase the number of teachers working in all public schools across the country and to make the working environment more accommodating for educators in all 50 states.


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