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Delivering National Exams via Helicopter

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Delivering National Exams via Helicopter

The government has outlined detailed plans to send air aid to districts that may be impacted by El Nio rains during the November national examinations.

Around 3.5 million students will take national examinations this year, including 1.4 million for the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE), 1.2 million for the Kenya Primary School Education Assessment (KPSEA), and 900,000 for the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education Examinations (KCSE).

According to the Kenya Meteorological Department (KMD), El Nio frequently brings severe rain and flooding to East Africa in October, November, and December (OND).

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Dr. Belio Kipsang, Principal Secretary for the State Department of Basic Education, made the news at Shimo la Tewa High School in Mombasa during a meeting with education officials from the coastal region. He claimed that they were actively identifying regions prone to rain-related disruptions and collaborating with various stakeholders in education and security to guarantee comprehensive preparation.

Dr. Kipsang stressed that the exams were being prepared in advance of El Nio rains, with a focus on identifying probable flood zones and guaranteeing timely delivery of exams and invigilators to exam centers. During the tests, government helicopters from several agencies, including the police, military, forestry service, and KWS, will be mobilized.

As part of the national government’s administrative system, Regional Commissioners, County Commissioners, and their Deputies will oversee mapping operations.

Dr. Kipsang confirmed the government’s commitment to holding the exams and told candidates that preparations had been taken to offset the impact of the impending rains, which were forecast with greater than 90% confidence. He emphasized the necessity of paying attention to these forecasts and not ignoring the impending weather disaster.

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Furthermore, in places prone to security difficulties, such as Lamu County, the government has implemented security measures to assure student safety throughout the exam time, as stated by Dr. Kipsang.




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