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Deputy Headteachers listed by KNEC

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Deputy Headteachers listed by KNEC

The Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC) has made significant modifications to the participation of deputy heads of institutions in national examinations.

Deputy principals and principals were previously utilized in schools during national test seasons but were not legally recognized by KNEC. As a result, they were ineligible for KNEC stipend payments for their contributions to test preparation and student management.

Deputy heads of institutions will now help their school principals during the national examination period, according to recent revisions. This KNEC resolution is intended to curb exam cheating.

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In addition, KNEC has issued new directives prohibiting contracted professionals, examiners, and assessors from engaging in actions that could jeopardize their positions. They stressed the significance of respecting the Oath of Secrecy signed by these professionals, which prohibits them from participating in activities that could lead to conflicts of interest or disclosing their identities as KNEC examiners/assessors.

In addition, KNEC will oversee national exams for the 2.3 million students taking the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) and Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) exams this year. This includes 1,415,315 KCPE candidates and 903,260 KCSE applicants.

To expedite the examination procedure, examination officials will no longer collect all of the day’s examination papers in the morning. Instead, center administrators who are also school principals will collect only the morning papers.

To expedite the collection and delivery of examination papers under this new approach, KNEC has invested in extra containers to construct examination storage facilities within schools.

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These precautions are part of the new guidelines that were put in place a month before the national exams. According to the KNEC 2023 test schedule, KCPE and KPSEA candidates will have a rehearsal on Friday, October 27. The KCPE and KPSEA exams will be held from Monday, October 30 to Wednesday, November 1, followed by the KCSE exams, which will be held from November 2 to 24.




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