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Government Releases Sh.16 Billion School Capitation

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Government Releases Sh.16 Billion School Capitation

On August 24, 2023, Belio Kipsang, who is currently serving as the Principal Secretary of Basic Education, testified in front of the Public Accounts Committee of Parliament. The Ministry of Education has announced that the disbursement of money totaling Sh16 billion will take place the following week, which will be very welcome news for the administrators of schools.

This decision was influenced by the concerns expressed by headteachers and principals regarding potential budgetary issues that could hinder exam preparations.

According to Belio Kipsang, junior schools are expected to receive 1.75 billion Kenyan shillings, while primary schools are expected to receive 1.56 billion. The initiative known as Free Day Secondary Education will receive the majority of the funds, totaling 16.24 billion Kenyan shillings, so that it may provide assistance to secondary schools.

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Kipsang emphasized that the funds, which total Sh16,249,982,722.28 billion, will be distributed to public primary schools, junior high schools, and senior high schools so that educational activities can go without a hitch.

Kipsang has guaranteed that the funds will be deposited into the schools’ accounts within the next week, which will prevent any disruptions to the educational process. In addition, the government has prohibited schools from holding any kind of activity on their campuses for the current term, which started on August 28 and will last until May 31. This school year will come to a close on October 27, the day before the beginning of the national examinations for KCPE and KCSE on October 30.

Officials at the school have voiced their concern that the financial burden could interfere with day-to-day operations at the school and affect students’ ability to adequately prepare for exams. Omboko Milemba, chairman of Kuppet, has addressed a letter to Ezekiel Machogu, cabinet secretary for education, requesting that monies be released.

In addition to this, he has suggested that Parliament become involved to help speed up the release of these funds.

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