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Junior Schools Will Move Into Day Secondary Schools Close By

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Junior Schools Will Move Into Day Secondary Schools Close By

Junior Schools To Be Relocated To Nearby Day Secondary Schools. The announcement that JSS lessons will now be held at adjacent day secondary schools has been well appreciated.

There is an urgent need for action due to the concerning situation at junior secondary schools (JSS), which are now housed in primary schools around the nation.

Things could get worse when the students in grade seven transfer to grade eight in 2024.

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The absence of infrastructure is the main problem in the JSS room right now. In fact, the majority of elementary schools lack the necessary resources to enable students to complete the practicals, which are a crucial CBC prerequisite.

This implies that learning and achievement become difficult without the practicals.

Teacher shortage is another core challenge that the jss schools are facing since the population of the learners does not get properly addressed by the current new teacher recruits.

The 100 percent transition from grade 6 requires an additional teacher recruits, a situation that will be so hard to address since the government has not already absorbed the over 40, 000 teachers who are serving under internship.

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Most TSC intern teachers are already demotivated following the current workload and the government tax that currently takes about ksh. 2, 450 from the monthly stipend of ksh. 20,000.

Another challenge is the current pathetic environment in most primary schools that has also demotivated most teachers, bearing in mind that most of them were trained to teach learners who are between ages of 15 to 20 years .

Most jss teachers have complained of the poor relationship that is currently developing between them and the heads as a result of inferiority complex issues.

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Therefore, it would be wise for the government to relocate these schools to adjacent secondary schools so that students will have adequate access to laboratory services.

Since secondary school instructors will also be providing the specialized services, this is also expected to help the government save money.

Junior Schools To Be Relocated To Nearby Day Secondary Schools

Furthermore, the funds that the government may need to start construction on new JSS facilities may be utilized to hire more instructors who would support the curriculum’s implementation.





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