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KNEC invites applications through April 23, 2024, for 29 major jobs.

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KNEC invites applications through April 23, 2024, for 29 major jobs.

Kenya National Examinations Council (KNEC), a government body that is granted powers to oversee national examinations has invited applications to fill open jobs.

The council plays a key role in shaping the educational standards and future of several learners.

In the processes of disemination of it’s duties ,the council focuses on ensuring fairness, integrity, and high-quality assessment.

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In line with those core values, KNEC is now looking for  individuals who not only have these values but are also are self  driven by the vision to elevate Kenya’s educational assessment to global needs.

Therefore KNEC has opened its doors  to highly motivated, very visionary, as well as dynamic and results-oriented candidates to apply  for the following key positions  within the council.

Applications are being accepted for available positions at Kenya National Examinations Council (KNEC), a government organization with the authority to conduct national examinations.

The council has a significant impact on how many students’ futures and academic standards are shaped.

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In carrying out its responsibilities, the council prioritizes maintaining impartiality, honesty, and superior evaluation.

In keeping with those basic principles, KNEC is currently seeking people who, in addition to possessing these principles, are also motivated by the desire to raise Kenya’s educational evaluation to the level required by international standards.

For this reason, KNEC is inviting people who are highly driven, extremely visionary, dynamic, and results-oriented to apply for the following important roles within the council.

The vacancies are available across various departments, hence offering a unique opportunity for all to apply. These slots include;

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1. Sales & Marketing Officer post .

2. Supply Chain Management Officer post 

3. Records Management Officer post 

4. Librarian post 

5. Examinations Officer under Islamic Religious Education (IRE) post 

6. Examinations Officer under  Braille post 

7. Examinations Officer under  Kenyan Sign Language post 

8. Research & Quality Assurance Officer post 

9. Principal Librarian post 

10. Principal Research and Quality Assurance Officer post 

11. Principal Supply Chain Management Officer post 

12. Principal ICT Officer position 

13. Assistant Director, Research Innovation & Educational Assessment Resource Center position 

14. Assistant Director, Supply Chain Management position 

15. Deputy Director, Test Development (under Teacher Assessments) position 

16. Deputy Director, Research Innovation & Educational Assessment Resource Center position 

17. Deputy Director, Examinations and Assessment Support Services under  ICT position 

18. Deputy Director, Human Resource Management and Development position 

19. Director, Test Development position .

How to apply

Interested applicants are expected to submit their applications on or before set deadline which is 23rd of April, 2024.

Inorder to get more details on specific jobs requirements on information on each role like  qualifications, responsibilities, and the KNEC application process, visit knec portal  at under career .

KNEC strongly encourages applications from all categories of qualified individuals regardless of gender, their religion, their race,their  national origin as well as  disability status.






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