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KNEC raises pay for examiners and invigilators.

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KNEC raises pay for examiners and invigilators.

Examiners’ portal for KNEC (payment).The Kenya National Examinations Council (KNEC), which oversees both the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) and the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) tests, recently announced enhanced payment rates for the 2023 examinations, much to the delight of both examiners and invigilators.

This change intends to increase the examiners’ and invigilators’ accuracy and motivation during the vital exam marking process.

New Rates

1. Centre Managers:For KCPE, Centre Managers will receive a daily rate of Ksh 500, amounting to Ksh 2,000 for their 4-day engagement.

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Meanwhile, KCSE Centre Managers will receive Ksh 500 per day, accumulating to Ksh 9,000 for an 18-day commitment.

2. Invigilators: KCPE Invigilators across all regions will earn Ksh 538 per day, resulting in a total of Ksh 1,615 for their 3-day involvement.

For KCSE, Invigilators in Nairobi and Mombasa will receive Ksh 580 per day, earning Ksh 9,860 for their 17-day duty, while Invigilators in other regions will receive Ksh 460 per day, amounting to Ksh 7,820 for the same 17-day period.

3. Supervisors: Supervisors for KCPE will enjoy Ksh 621 per day, with a total payment of Ksh 2,485 for their 4-day commitment.

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KCSE Supervisors in Nairobi and Mombasa will receive Ksh 695 per day, reaching a total of Ksh 12,510 for their 18-day engagement.

In contrast, Supervisors in other regions will earn Ksh 630 per day, totaling Ksh 11,340 for their 18 days of service.

4. Security Officers:Security Officers for KCSE in all regions will be compensated at a rate of Ksh 420 per day, accumulating to Ksh 6,720 for their 16-day involvement.

5. Drivers: Drivers for KCSE in all regions will receive Ksh 405 per day.

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KNEC examiners portal(payment)

Submission Process

Examiners and invigilators will need to submit their details through the online KNEC invitation platform to ensure the accuracy of data capture.

The portal for KCPE examiners opened on October 16, 2023, while KCSE examiners can access the platform starting from November 1, 2023.

Those interested in participating in the marking exercise can log in using their designated usernames and passwords.

If a password is forgotten, a reset option is available, where the teacher provides their mobile number and receives a new password for regaining access.

Knec Commitment To Examiners

The improved payment rates offered by KNEC reflect a commitment to motivating and retaining qualified examiners and invigilators, thus ensuring the accuracy and integrity of the examination marking process.

It’s essential for individuals considering participation to carefully review the invitation letter and follow the instructions for accepting or rejecting the marking offer before confirming their involvement.

This move by KNEC not only acknowledges the importance of these roles in the education system but also serves as an incentive for teachers to contribute effectively to the examination process.





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