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KNUT protests over NSSF donations and the SRC’s salary-influencing power

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KNUT protests over NSSF donations and the SRC’s salary-influencing power.

The KNUT protests over NSSF donations and the SRC’s influence on pay. According to KNUT, membership offers access to pension benefits, and neither Providence Fund nor NSSF membership is necessary.

KNUT national head James Karinga said the union would advocate for changes to hasten teacher pension payments when speaking in Nyeri on Monday.

“We don’t know why they asked to be registered as nssf members,” said Karinga. “Our members draw their pensions through the Providence Fund.”

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“Asking teachers to visit retirees is embarrassing. He said, “Teachers ought to get compensated before they are let go.

The Salary and Remuneration Commission (KPK), which was involved in deciding teachers’ pay increases outside the purview of the collective bargaining agreement between the teachers union and the Teachers Service Commission, was also to fault, according to Karinga.

Collins Oyuu, the secretary general of the Kenya National Union of Teachers, stated his worry about the NSSF cut and how it would impact teachers’ pay.
Oyuu added that since 2003, there has been discussion on the removal in the Kenyan parliament. But there has always been a problem with energy.
Deductions are required as they are right now. Therefore, Sh360 must be contributed to the fund each month by both employees and employers.
He further inquired as to the administration’s knowledge of the impact of the budget cuts on teachers.

President Ruto’s pledge to raise teacher pay by seven to ten percent was also mentioned by Oyuu.
Due to anticipated pay increases, teachers’ income has decreased as a result of cuts to the NSSF.

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“As a union, we are unable to boost growth via the SRC. We and the TSC need to agree on this. We won’t disregard anything the SRC says,” he declared.




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