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KUPPET says TSC promoted deceased, retired teachers.

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KUPPET says TSC promoted deceased, retired teachers.

The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) has come under fire from a teachers organization for what it called an ineffective promotion procedure.

According to the Kenya Union of Post Primary Education Teachers (Kuppet), 100 teachers had passed away while others had either retired or departed the teaching profession.

The union expressed worry about the TSC promotions’ lack of openness and merit.

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Akelo Misori, secretary general of Kuppet, criticized the commission for its lack of transparency, pointing out that instructors’ identities on the promotion list were hidden.

Misori asserted, underscoring the problems with integrity in the promotion process, “Our analysis proves that the commission promoted several teachers who were not on its roll, including those who were dead or had resigned from service.”

He went on to criticize the promotion list’s inclusion of non-teaching staff, claiming that they will gain at the expense of worthy instructors.

At the expense of worthy instructors, the committee “deceptively included dozens of Curriculum Support Officers and other secretariat staff,” according to Misori.

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The secretary general of Kuppet stressed the importance of accountability and tasked TSC with supplying data regarding the quantity of promotions allocated to each grade and region.

“The TSC must take blame for bungling the chance to promote these long-suffering teachers as part of the unprecedented 51,000 vacancies it declared,” he stated.

“Overall, the union’s stance underscores the urgency for reform within the TSC to address systemic issues and ensure equitable promotion opportunities for teachers across the country,” he stated.

Kuppet Chairman Omboko Milemba corroborated Misori’s observations, highlighting stark differences in the advancement procedure.

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“It defies reason that a 57-year-old teacher who has been inert for the entire time and is scheduled to retire in three years is on the promotion list while someone who was hired two years ago is not.” One thousand senior instructors who have not received a promotion in fifteen years are among them, he stated.

Milemba, the MP for Emuhaya, has urged for additional funds to support the promotion of deserving teachers and called for government assistance in the subject.

“The government should in the supplementary budget provide for at least Sh5 billion for promotion of the remaining 150,000 teachers,” he stated.

Milemba also insisted that the TSC’s career advancement regulations be thoroughly reevaluated, claiming that the current rules continued to keep teachers in a stagnant state.

“We will call for an overhaul of career progression guidelines that have consigned many teachers to perpetual stagnation,” he stated.

He restated the union’s resolve to support equitable and open advancement.

Along with variations in job classifications, Kuppet’s national secretary of secondary schools, Edward Obwocha, highlighted the promotion issue by pointing out differences in how deputy principals and principals were treated.

“However, there are educators with comparable aptitude who showed up for the interview but were not given the opportunity to advance. Several of them have aged in their careers and were overlooked, he claimed.

He insisted on an equitable and inclusive promotion process that takes into account variables like experience, age, and involvement in extracurricular activities.

“We intend to request a revision of the career advancement policies that have condemned numerous educators to unending stagnation,” he declared.

To discuss the concerns, the union and the TSC have set up a meeting.






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