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Machogu Explains Why Acting Deputy Principals Are Not Confirmed

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Machogu Explains Why Acting Deputy Principals Are Not Confirmed

Ezekiel Machogu, who serves as the country’s Cabinet Secretary for Education, has vowed that the government will back educational reform in any way possible. This year, a record number of 56,000 new teachers were hired for elementary and secondary schools, thanks to the leadership of President William Ruto.

According to CS Ezekiel Machogu, the problem of the delayed promotion of acting deputy principals is one that the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) is aware of. He mentioned that the TSC will shortly be releasing a statement to aid organizations who are currently dealing with a shortage of labor.

These remarks were delivered by CS Machogu during the commencement ceremony for the 28th cohort of Moi Teachers Training College students in Baringo. Concern has been expressed by local authorities, such as Senator William Cheptumo and others, concerns a shortfall of roughly 2,000 teachers across the seven sub-counties that make up the county. These sub-counties make up the county.

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Sen. Cheptumo is exasperated by the sluggish promotion of acting deputy principals, who may be of critical importance in the process of filling vacancies at various county institutions. Joshua Kandie, a member for Baringo Central, and Florence Jematia, a lawmaker for Baringo Central, were there to show their support.

MP Joshua Kandie made a request to the federal government and the provincial administration, requesting that they work together to improve the infrastructure of local educational institutions, many of which are in a deplorable state. Jematia emphasized the significance of preserving educational facilities for the sake of succeeding generations.

He emphasized how important it was to provide kids with an engaging learning environment in order to assist them in achieving academic success.


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