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New TSC Guidelines for Requesting School Absence

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New TSC Guidelines for Requesting School Absence

Teachers’ employers have continuously sought to support teachers in their decision to remain in the classroom.

The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) has frequently issued rules and regulations to govern and monitor teacher absences in order to address teacher absenteeism.

Teachers, whether on duty or not, are obligated to be present at school throughout the school day, according to these requirements.

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In response to this problem, the TSC has implemented a new criterion to reduce teacher absenteeism. Teachers must now request leaves of absence online under the new standards.

Given that the TSC has a database with over 300,000 instructors documented, the commission’s goal is to enable smooth teacher management.

To enhance students’ academic growth, the TSC emphasizes the necessity of instructors being available to them.

As a result, according to a recent commission circular, all school administrators and curriculum support employees have been instructed to ensure that teacher absences are kept to a minimum.

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The TSC recognizes that certain circumstances may necessitate teachers missing class, which can have a negative impact on pupils.

TSC headquarters must now obtain an official online leave request from any TSC educator seeking a leave of absence, according to the most recent amendments.

Teachers used to have to get permission from their superiors and record their absences in the official school diary.

For primary school administrators, absenteeism from school will now require written approval from the regional TSC sub-county director.

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Additionally, if school monies are to be spent outside of the school’s premises, the TSC sub-county director’s clearance is required.

Furthermore, it is mandated that all activities requiring teacher participation take place on weekends and during school breaks in order to prevent teacher absenteeism.

This includes all TSC-registered instructors who are members of Saccos, elected union officials, and those who organize teacher conferences and gatherings.

It is prohibited for teachers and students to perform things outside the scope of their primary responsibilities during scheduled teaching and learning periods.

When online permission is granted but the instructor is not present, local measures must be made to ensure that no classes are missed, and TSC should be kept up to date on untaught courses at the end of the week.




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