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SRC Targets Six Allowances in New Salary Cuts

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SRC Targets Six Allowances in New Salary Cuts.

Six allowances are targeted by SRC in new salary reductions. The Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC) said on Monday that it would soon place restrictions on some of the benefits provided to public employees.

This SRC directive will have a significant impact on civil servants working in multiple job categories across numerous ministries, divisions, and agencies (MDAs).

Some of the allowances that won’t be offered any more are the general allowance, ministerial allowance, and taxable automobile allowance.

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Additionally, there will be no longer be any internal committee working group allowances, retirement allowances, or permanent allowances.

According to an SRC representative who spoke with, six allowances will no longer be given.

Despite threats from MPs to dissolve the SRC in August 2022 when the committee suggested abolishing the Plenary Allowance for MPs and Members of County Councils (MCAs), this development took place.

Given that they are paid a minimum allowance for attending four sessions per week, the MPs claimed that this move would have a major impact on their income.

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The SRC directive from August 2023 states that pensions are given to officers performing special duties and that allocations are strictly earmarked for public servants who draft policy documents away from their offices.

The SRC contended that since employees’ competencies are established throughout the recruitment process, further allowances are not essential and are not cost-effective for taxpayers.

The SRC further noted that giving attendance bonuses in addition to their base pay to internal organizing committee members would effectively quadruple their pay.

According to the SRC, the organization’s internal working groups are put up to carry out the organization’s mission.

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President William Ruto suggested in June 2023 that the SRC focus on reducing the wages of key federal employees in order to address the country’s increasing pay bill.

Six allowances are the target of new salary cuts from SRC.

The government is implementing cuts to six allowances in total as part of its most recent round of compensation adjustments.




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