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TSC bans social media as a broader crackdown on cheating.

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TSC bans social media as a broader crackdown on cheating.

Teachers are no longer allowed to join specific online forums that have been linked to the distribution of bogus tests. Teachers who are discovered to have assisted in exam misconduct would face severe disciplinary action, according to Dr. Nancy Macharia, the Chief Executive of the Teachers Service Commission (TSC).

Dr. Macharia sent a circular to all 380,000 Kenyan educators on August 7 banning their participation in 33 specific social media sites and channels where cheating materials were being sold. The Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC), Regional Directors, County Directors, and Sub County Directors were all sent copies of this circular.

TSC director of staffing Antonina Lentoijoni emphasized the significance of the circular and urged center managers, invigilators, and supervisors to enforce the rules and avoid exam fraud. She harped on being honest and alert.

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The TSC has banned social media as part of a broader crackdown on cheating.

The Communication Authority will collaborate with other organizations to track down and delete exam-related posts on social media. The Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) has issued a warning to people who use these sites.

Secondary school teachers are being reassigned from their classrooms to serve as exam authorities in an effort to limit students’ access to exam materials before the official start date. Teachers will not be permitted inside testing facilities, and only center administrators will be permitted to use mobile phones.

A suspect who claimed to have primary and secondary national exam papers was arrested in a recent operation. Through his several social media profiles, he peddled counterfeit documents.

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The government is establishing command centers and coordinating with various authorities to address misconduct and crises in order to ensure the security of the examinations. For this year’s tests, they’ve also found and verified people to serve as supervisors, invigilators, and center managers.




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