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TSC Job Application Form

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TSC Job Application Form

The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) in Kenya collects data from those applying for teaching and related employment in the country’s education sector using the TSC Employment Application Form. The Teachers Service Commission is in charge of teacher recruitment, registration, and employment in Kenya’s public educational institutions.

Personal information, academic qualifications, career history, relevant skills and experiences, references, and other pertinent information are normally requested on the TSC career Application Form. This form allows the TSC to examine candidates’ qualifications and eligibility for teaching positions, which aids in the selection and recruitment process.

To apply for teaching vacancies at Kenya’s public educational institutions, applicants must complete this form accurately and submit it along with other relevant documents. The form may be available on the Teachers Service Commission’s official website, or it may be obtained at their offices or designated application centers during recruitment exercises. It is also available for download at the bottom of this article.

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Applicants must thoroughly complete the TSC Employment Application Form and ensure that they meet all of the standards listed in the job vacancy for which they are applying. This form is essential in the recruitment and selection of teachers in Kenya.

TSC Job Application Form
TSC Job Application Form

This guide will bring you through the necessary actions and information for a successful

Vacancy Specifics

Begin by stating the opening for which you are applying, including the vacancy/post name, vacancy number, department, and division.

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Personal Information

Give us your full name, title, date of birth, gender, nationality, and identifying information. Remember to include your contact information, such as your address, district, county, phone number, cellphone number, and email address. Include the contact information for a backup contact person.

Candidates for Public Service

If you are currently engaged in the public sector, please describe your ministry/department/local authority as well as your current substantive position. Include details about your job group as well as the start date of your present position. If you’re applying for an upgrade, include the job title and effective date.

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Applicants from the private/non-profit/other sectors

If you work in the private sector, an NGO, or another sector, include your present employer, job, effective date of employment, and monthly remuneration.

Additional Information

Indicate your language proficiency. Declare and explain any physical disabilities you have. Any criminal convictions or probation orders should be disclosed. If you’ve ever been fired or fired from a job, please explain why and when it happened. Mention and provide details if you have ever been interviewed by the Teachers Service Commission of Kenya.

Academic/professional/technical credentials

List your academic, professional, and technological credentials, beginning with the most recent. Include information such as the year of graduation, the institution, courses taken, subjects studied, and grades/awards received.

Other Courses & Training That May Be of Interest

List any extra courses, training, registrations, or memberships in professional bodies or institutions, if appropriate.

Information Regarding Employment

Start with your most recent position and work your way up. Include information such as the year, the name of your employer, your position/rank/designation, job group, and gross monthly pay (in Kenya Shillings).

Duties, responsibilities, and assignments currently in effect

Describe your present duties, responsibilities, and assignments in brief.

Skills, abilities, and Relevant Experience

Highlight your relevant abilities, skills, and experiences for the position you’re applying for. Mention your most recent accomplishments as well as your motivation for applying.

Personal Recommendations

Please include the names and contact information for two personal references who have known you for an extended period of time. Include their full names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, occupations, and length of time you’ve known them.

Recommendation from the Head of Department/Supervisor (Public Service Applicants)

If you are a public-sector applicant, leave this form blank and rely on the recommendation of your head of department or supervisor. They should approve of your application.


Read and sign the declaration at the bottom of the form. Sign and date it to certify that the information supplied is correct.

Submit the TSC Application for Employment Form to the Secretary, Teachers Service Commission of Kenya, P.O.BOX PRIVATE BAG, 00100 NAIROBI, KENYA.




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