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TSC Modifies Locations for All Teacher Promotion Interviews

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TSC Modifies Locations for All Teacher Promotion Interviews.

Change Of TSC Promotion Interview Venues. All teacher promotion interviews for elementary school teachers in subcounties will be conducted by the Teachers Service Commission (TSC).

Teachers in grades C1 through C4 are being interviewed for these posts. TSC conducted these interviews at the county level in the past.

However, during the most recent promotion interviews for 14,738 vacancies in March of this year, Commission agents and Ministry representatives, under the direction of TSC and Ministry County Directors, made mistakes.

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When TSC CEO Nancy Macharia declared in August that all promotion spots had been filled and that thousands of people who were waiting for promotion letters had received regret letters, there were widespread protests.

Concerns were raised regarding the selection criteria that were applied. One billion shillings was given to the Commission to advance the instructors.

Many teachers said corruption was rife and merit was mostly not used in awarding promotion as well as big schools.

However this time round all promotion interviews will be done in sub-counties led by TSC Sub County Directors.

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The Commission is also facing the largest number of teachers ever, especially in grade C1, to be shortlisted for promotion interviews.

The phase one TSC interviews will involve primary school teachers and will start from 4th to 15th December 2023.

Around one hundred and fifty thousand primary and secondary school teachers were shortlisted and were issued with interview letters to compete for 36,505 vacancies advertised in September.

In primary schools, C1 teachers will compete to fill 10,819 slots for Senior Teacher II (C2) for regular schools and 700 slots for special schools.

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C2 teachers will fight to fill 3,040 slots for Senior Teacher I (C3) for regular schools and 346 slots for special schools.

C3 teachers will scramble to fill 1,930 slots for Deputy Headteacher II (C4) position for regular schools.

Change Of TSC Promotion Interview Venues.

Deputy Headteachers in C4 will wrestle to fill 1,049 Headteacher position in C5 for regular schools and 30 for special schools.

Phase two of the TSC promotion interviews will involve post primary education teachers. The interviews will run from 3rd to 16th January 2024.

Unlike primary school interviews, these teachers will have their promotion interviews done at county level and chaired by County Directors.

The Commission listed the following items to be presented during December promotion interviews.

1) Original National ID Card

2) Original Academic and Professional Certificates

3) Letter of appointment to the current Grade

4) Letter of appointment to the current post (where applicable)

5) Analysed individual subject results in KCPE/KCSE Examinations for the last three years, certified by TSC County Directors/Sub County Directors.

6) Performance Appraisal Reports for 2020, 2021, and 2022

7) Any other relevant testimonials supporting your performance

Change Of TSC Promotion Interview Venues.






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