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TSC Offenses That Will Result in Interdiction

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TSC Offenses That Will Result in Interdiction

The instructors Service Commission (TSC) has the jurisdiction to take action against instructors who breach the Code of Conduct for Teachers, such as interdiction. Any infringement of the Code’s articles is taken seriously by the Commission, and such infractions may result in a teacher’s suspension.

Here is a detailed list of TSC infractions and the evidence required by the Commission for teacher interdiction:

1. Participation in Immoral Behavior

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Sexual intercourse, sodomy, lesbianism, sexual harassment, flirtation/indecent behaviors, love relationships, exposure to pornographic materials, and other immoral activities are examples.

Handwritten statements from victims/witnesses, exhibits, love letters, photographs, gifts, agreements, court proceedings, investigation reports by heads of institutions, county directors or sub-county directors, minutes of BOM following interviews with pupils/students and other witnesses, and County discipline panel minutes are all required for teacher interdiction.

2. Professional Misbehavior

Neglecting assigned work, performing assigned work carelessly or improperly, failing to teach scheduled lessons, failing to prepare professional documents (e.g., schemes of work), allowing examination cheating, using fake marks, failing to perform T.O.D. duties, missing school assemblies and official meetings, and not taking students for official duty/functions are examples of professional misconduct that may result in teacher interdiction.

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Staff meeting minutes, copies of police reports, written reports by agents/county directors/supervisors, recorded statements from witnesses, minutes of interviews with teachers and witnesses, investigative reports, and statements from witnesses are all required as evidence.

3. Chronic Absence

Chronic absenteeism is defined as being absent from work without permission for an extended period of time or being routinely late for work. Copies of casualty returns, letters from authorities reporting the teacher’s absence, monthly staff returns, warning/show cause letters for absenteeism, and daily attendance registers/clock-in registers are also required as evidence.

Other causes for TSC teacher interdiction are as follows:

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4. Dereliction of Duty by a Teacher

5. Forgery/Impersonation/Collusion/Fraud and Corrupt Deals/Bribery by Teachers

6. Mismanagement, misappropriation, or embezzlement of public funds by teachers

7. Criminal Conviction of a Teacher

These are the numerous violations and evidentiary requirements that the TSC takes into account when disciplining teachers.




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