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TSC To Review Guidelines For Teacher Promotion

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TSC To Review Guidelines For Teacher Promotion.

TSC Promotion Guidelines.  Several School administrators in Kisumu County, under the direction of George O. Nyangwe, President of the Kisumu Chapter of the Kenya Association of Secondary School Principals (KESSHA), have put forth significant suggestions for enhancing teachers’ ability to advance their careers without hindrance.

The suggestion was given during a meeting at St. Teresa’s Girls in Kisumu with Dr. Jamlek Muturi, chairperson of the Teacher Service Commission (TSC).

In order to address many areas of teacher professional development, administrative appointments, rules, and services in the education sector in Kisumu Regency, this proposed consultation was created.

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Key recommendations include:

1. Cancel the scale C4 and C5 and introduce scale 16 for teachers moving from C3 to D1.

2. So that teachers in D1 are considered for administrative roles such as school principal, vice principal or school principal.

3. Promote teachers without teaching duties.

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4. To allow class teachers to advance from C1 to D6 without requiring administrative duties.

5. It is recommended for D4, D5 to reorganize the promotion of school principals and link D6 with their school category.

6. Introduce the Scale to encourage postgraduate teachers to continue their education.

7. To ensure that acting teachers receive allowances and responsibilities, including allowances and salaries.

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8. Approval of permanent and pensionable employees without further interview.

9. Preference for junior high school (JSS) trained teachers for permanent employment in JSS and SMA.

10. The expediting of regulatory and judicial proceedings should not take more than six months except in serious cases.

11. Give the teacher fired for alcohol another chance.

12. Solve problems related to missing from TSC online portal.

13. To invite AON Minet to improve services to speed up approval. This will motivate teachers due to better service delivery.

This consultation aims to address various aspects of teacher professional development, administrative appointments, regulations and services in the education sector in Kisumu Regency.

TSC Promotion Guidelines




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