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TSC Unleashes a 1,000 Promotion Letters in Latest Release

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TSC Unleashes a 1,000 Promotion Letters in Latest Release

The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) has just recently disseminated more than one thousand letters of promotion to school administrators located in a variety of counties. Even though there were some delays after the interviews, some counties are finally getting around to sending out posting letters to the instructors.

The Teaching Standards Commission (TSC) had planned to advertise 14,738 teaching posts in December 2022 but ultimately decided not to do so due to a lack of demand. January, March, and May each saw an additional request that an application be submitted.

However, letters for senior jobs have not yet been sent, which has resulted in some professors having to fulfill acting duties while they wait for confirmation. Because the funding was paid in installments by the Treasury, the delays have been attributed to the fact that there were financial constraints.

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As long as it continues to get financial assistance, the TSC intends to continue promoting and posting teachers on an incremental basis. Because of the new “promotion based localization” system, which relates teacher progress to available positions in a single county, CEO Nancy Macharia is concerned that instructors will be less likely to pursue promotions in neighboring counties. This is a direct result of the new system.

Only 11,231 instructors were employed out of a total of 14,738 job openings that were initially offered. There were 3,507 posts that were left unfilled owing to a lack of applicants, while 1,021 positions were held for teachers who received affirmative action.

These job vacancies comprised a variety of roles in ordinary and special schools, such as chief principals, principals, deputy principals, senior masters, headteachers, deputy headteachers, and senior teachers. Additionally, there were openings for senior teachers.


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