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TSC’s Big Reveal Will Make Senior Interns Happy

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TSC’s Big Reveal Will Make Senior Interns Happy

After hearing the TSC’s recent announcement, senior interns have reason to be optimistic. Given the constitutional authority it enjoys in Kenya’s educational system, the TSC is crucial in regulating many facets of the teaching profession there.

This includes tasks such as registering teachers, hiring new ones, promoting current ones, organizing their schedules, and paying them on time, among others.

The TSC administration has been working hard to increase resources for teacher training and professional development in order to combat the growing teacher shortage. As a result of their hard work and dedication, they have become advocates for higher pay for Kenyan elementary and secondary school teachers.

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Since 2019, all Kenyan teachers who began their careers as trainees have been legally certified as permanent pensionable employees, which is good news for the country’s education system. This monumental change greatly improves the employment and financial stability of these hardworking educators.

In addition, TSC launched a recruiting drive in February, bringing together around 20,000 aspiring educators from K-12 institutions. The primary goal of this effort is to aid in the implementation of the new CBC across the country.

All of the new trainee instructors hired in February will receive permanent posts with pension benefits, even if some of them are on probation at the moment. This change will likely have a significant impact on the Kenyan education job market.

All Senior Interns in primary and secondary schools will be officially promoted to permanent pensionable employment before the 2024 school year begins, allowing them to replace the current teachers.

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It is undeniable that TSC is taking these measures as part of a proactive and forward-thinking strategy to protect Kenya’s educational future and to safeguard the well-being of its committed teaching personnel.

TSC’s recent statements on the subject have improved the outlook for senior interns.



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