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Two Charged  Over Forged  TSC Letter of Employment

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Two Charged  Over Forged  TSC Letter of Employment

The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) has filed charges against two people who they say gave a high school teacher a fake appointment letter certifying her employment.The instructor recognized the letter was bogus only after flying from Nairobi to a school in Kakamega County.

Accusations and Defendants

After accepting Sh218,236 from the teacher’s husband, Joshua Ochiel, pretend TSC employees Moses Olwanda and Lazarus Oyoo gave her the bogus letter, promising to get her hired. They are accused of violating Penal Code Section 313, which prohibits acquiring money by false pretenses. This was because they were accused of lying to the teacher’s husband about their ability to get her a job.

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Price Increases

In addition to the main charge, the two suspects are being held on three additional counts of fraud, forgery, and document creation without legal authority. These offenses were reportedly perpetrated in cooperation with people at large on various occasions between January 10 and August 21 in Nairobi.

Concealment and Repercussions

The newly-minted educator was instructed to report to the school’s principal within ten days, at which point she would be placed in her new position. The letter, which is now in the hands of the police as evidence, said that the educator would be placed on probation for a period of six months.

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It is alleged that Olwanda and Oyoo conspired to deceive Mr. Ochiel, a personal friend, by telling him they could get a job for his wife when in fact they could not. The educator went back to Nairobi to tell her husband the letter was fake. Mr. Ochiel tried to get in touch with the criminals, but they stopped answering his calls. He called the police and the two suspects were taken into custody.

Procedural Justice

Before Makadara Law Courts Principal Magistrate Caroline Mugo, the suspects pleaded not guilty. Their attorney, Joyce Owino, fought for more forgiving bail and bond terms on their behalf. Ms. Owino told the judge that she and her clients had already paid the complaint Sh100,000 and that they were still trying to settle the case amicably. Suspects were granted freedom on Sh100,000 bonds or an equivalent amount in cash.

On December11, 2023, the case is set to be cited for further proceedings.

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