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Types of Teachers Qualified to Lead as JSS Principals

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Types of Teachers Qualified to Lead as JSS Principals

Yatta parliamentarian Robert Basil has asked the Ministry of Education for further information about how junior high school principals will be selected and appointed in 2019.

The problem developed when the education reform group proposed embedding secondary-level programs in elementary schools across the country. In response, Basil asked the Cabinet Secretary to explain the selection process for principals at junior high schools and to define the function of substitute teachers. He also questioned when instructors who have been working as principals or deputies for more than six months would be properly appointed.

As long as they had pupils in junior high and high school, elementary school principals were given deployment letters for this position.

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Whether or not there will be more head teachers in middle and high schools is still up in the air. During the transition phase of up to a year, the current primary school heads will continue to oversee the junior secondary category in accordance with recommendations from the Ministry of Education. The boards of management at elementary schools will serve as advisory panels for the administration of middle and high schools.

Subcommittees will have the jurisdiction to open bank accounts for tuition, operational capital, and infrastructure grants for junior secondary schools upon getting an introduction letter from the sub county director of education.

When two or more elementary schools share a campus, the secondary school will take on the name of the primary school. In order to efficiently handle school funds, the Ministry of Education requires that elementary and junior high schools maintain separate bank accounts.

Required qualifications for teachers in junior secondary schools are either a Diploma in Education with a C+ in relevant teaching courses or two principles and one subsidiary pass at “A” Level. Educators who have earned a KCSE Diploma with a grade of C (plain) or higher are welcome to apply. Also necessary is a bachelor’s degree in education; those with a BA in Primary Education are ineligible.

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