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Challenges Facing Students Even After the KCPE and KPSEA

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Challenges Facing Students Even After the KCPE and KPSEA

The 8-4-4 system, which has been in effect in Kenya’s education system for nearly four decades, will come to an end after the 2023 KCPE examinations. There is educational weight and historical significance to this shift to the Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC).

Measures to ensure the smooth administration of the tests were implemented by the Ministry of Education in partnership with a multi-agency team, and the exams began without a hitch.

However, difficulties were caused by the excessive rainfall in some areas, including Mandera and Marsabit. In Mt. Elgon Constituency and sections of Marsabit County, primary schools encountered delays in conducting the exams due to transportation challenges induced by the bad weather conditions. This affected both students and administrators because tests started at 9 a.m. instead of the scheduled 8:30 a.m.

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The logistics of transporting exam materials were further complicated by the fact that persistent rains had damaged road networks and a bridge in several locations. There was also a scarcity of testing supplies at Laboot Primary School on Mt. Elgon, but that was quickly fixed.

Difficulty Met During the KCPE and KPSEA

Delivery of examination materials was hampered by transportation issues, especially in remote areas like Nandi East, Mt. Elgon, Marsabit, and Mandera. Weather conditions occasionally rendered the use of helicopters to access disaster zones ineffective.

Some schools’ start dates were pushed back because students’ names weren’t properly captured during the formal rollout of the examination council. Another problem was student absenteeism; some students had moved to other regions of the country, making it difficult to determine why they weren’t attending class.

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Candidates who became ill had to take their tests in hospitals, which presented its own set of difficulties. Each testing facility ought to have sufficient security measures in place to prevent unauthorized entry.

In conclusion, this year’s exams are the last time the KCPE will be given until the new CBC education system is fully implemented in Kenya. While there were certainly teething problems in the first two days, a good number of kids had already passed their exams by then.



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