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KUPPET:Immediate payment for JSS instructors after retooling.

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KUPPET:Immediate payment for JSS instructors after retooling.

After going through a period of retooling, the Executive Secretary of the Homa Bay branch of the Kenya Union of Post-Primary Education Teachers (KUPPET) is now leading a campaign to push for the prompt payment of Junior Secondary School (JSS) teachers.

Mr. Stephen Yogo expressed his unwavering support for increasing teacher capacity and highlighted the positive impact it has on the effectiveness of educators.

He issued a command to the organization that was in charge of providing the financing for the retooling activity to make sure that the teachers were paid as soon as the activity was finished, without any extra delays.

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In order to bring the Junior Secondary School instructors up to speed with the Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC) and the Competency-Based Assessment (CBA), this program will involve the retraining of around 56,000 teachers. It is important to remember that this retraining is exclusively for instructors who have recently been hired for JSS classes and does not apply to individuals who have taught in primary schools in the past.

The Commission selected teachers for training who were experts in a variety of fields, including languages, sciences, mathematics, humanities, and technical subjects, and communicated this decision to TSC Regional and County Directors in a document dated September 26. Training for teachers of grade 7 started on the 9th of October and will continue through the 13th of October, 2023; however, training for master trainers and trainers of trainers (TOT) will begin earlier.

In addition to issues pertaining to education, Mr. Yogo noted that the union aims to assist in the protection of the environment by planting trees in the schools located in the Homa Bay area. The areas that have been set aside will be referred to as “KUPPET Forests.”

In conjunction with the impending national writing evaluation for children in the seventh grade, which is scheduled to take place in the month of October, this training will be provided. The tests are readily available for download and printing so that they can be given to students in schools.

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