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Step-by-Step Maternity Leave Application

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Step-by-Step Maternity Leave Application

Teachers in Kenya who are expecting a child have the right to maternity leave, which is critical for both the mother and the newborn’s health.

The following is a step-by-step guidance to completing and submitting the TSC Maternity Leave Application:

1. Eligibility and Duration

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Female instructors are entitled to 90 calendar days of maternity leave, in addition to yearly leave, from the date of confinement. During their spouse’s maternity leave, male instructors can request up to ten days of paternity leave.

2. Application Submission

Submit your maternity leave application at least one month prior to the start date of the leave. You should send it to the District Education Officer (DEO), Ministry of Education Officer (MEO), or County Education Officer (DCE) through your institution’s head of education. Include any supporting medical documentation.

3. Paternity Leave

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Male professors may request paternity leave during their spouse’s maternity leave. Leave is awarded depending on the spouse identified on the National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) Card if a teacher has numerous wives.

4. Obtain the Application Form

The Maternity Leave Application Form can be obtained on the TSC website or other relevant sources. This form must be completed three times.

5. Fill out Part I

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Provide your full name (Mrs. or Miss), TSC Number, spouse’s name, expected start date of maternity leave, and sign and date the application in Part I.

6. Medical Exam

Make an appointment with a reputable medical practitioner who will fill out Part II of the form. The medical officer will issue you a document confirming your pregnancy and the estimated date of delivery. Make certain that the certificate is stamped, signed, and dated.

7. Submit the Application

Return the completed application to your school’s principal or headteacher in triplicate. Make sure it’s completed at least one month before your planned maternity leave.

8. Await Approval

The principal or headteacher of your school will assess your application and transmit it to the TSC County Director for approval. Approval may take some time, so apply early.

9. Maternity Leave Period

If your application is approved, you will be granted three months of maternity leave beginning on the date mentioned in your application and medical certificate.

Important Reminders

– Teachers who apply for maternity leave are not permitted to take yearly leave in the same year.

– Before returning to work following maternity leave, be sure you have submitted a birth notification.

This procedure guarantees that teachers receive the required support throughout their maternity leave and that their leave is properly handled.




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