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TSC Planned Teacher Increases Under CBA

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TSC Planned Teacher Increases Under CBA

In 2023, a major step forward for Kenya’s educators will be taken as the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) prepares to introduce teacher promotions as part of the 2017-2021 Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA). It is hoped that these raises will help advance the careers of hardworking educators while also improving education across the country.

These raises will be the last to be granted under the CBA, and they are set to take effect at the end of November 2023. Teachers who have been in the profession for at least three years will gain the most from these initiatives.

Types of Educators to Receive 2023 TSC Increases

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Teachers will receive higher salaries and benefits as a result of this program’s policy of promoting them to higher job categories. The TSC has laid out a detailed framework for promoting educators from the C1 to the C2 and the C3 to the C4 levels.

There is a budget of around 600 million shillings, and about 4,595 primary school teachers would be promoted from Job Group C1 to Job Group C2 as a result. A further 400 million shillings will be needed to fund the promotion of 2,637 college faculty members from Job Group C3 to Job Group C4. Moreover, about 175 million shillings would be allocated to promote 652 college instructors from Grade D3 to Grade D4 in the academic system.

Promotions for Middle and Upper School Administrators and Teachers

These raises are not just for educators working in traditional classrooms. Principals, vice principals, senior masters, secondary teachers, head teachers, and assistant head teachers from both secondary and primary schools would also gain from this.

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The position with the most anticipated openings is that of Deputy Head Teacher II in ordinary elementary schools, with 7,720 positions up for grabs. This all-encompassing strategy calls for the promotion of 2,733 regular primary school principals, 1,330 regular secondary school instructors, 1,725 deputy principal IIs, 602 regular school leaders, 224 regular secondary school deputy principal IIIs, and 208 senior master IIs.

The National Treasury is anticipated to allocate a minimum of 2.2 billion shillings to cover the additional wage requirements and support these promotions.

Teachers’ Salary Increases to Be Implemented (CBA) by TSC

Predictions and Commitment to the Budget

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CEO of the Teachers Service Commission Nancy Macharia emphasized that the perks that come with promotions go beyond changes in job title or department. The point is to provide educators the esteem and compensation they deserve.

With 2.2 billion shillings earmarked for prioritizing the automatic promotion of teachers in various categories, the government has shown its commitment to bolstering the well-being of educators. This endeavor is in line with the CBA’s mandated revised wage structure for TSC employees in Kenya.

Reduce the Teacher Vacancy Rate and Improve Education

With the advent of Junior Secondary Schools, the TSC has been working hard to alleviate the country’s severe teacher shortage. More than 30,000 educators have been added to classrooms around the country to help with this crisis.

Finally, the 2023 TSC teacher promotions are an important step toward acknowledging and rewarding the hard work of educators in Kenya. There is hope for the future of Kenyan students and the country as a whole thanks to this program, which aims to increase teacher morale and improve the standard of education across the country.





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