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‘Why Celebrate Teachers YET MCAs Earn Than Professors?’

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‘Why Celebrate Teachers YET MCAs Earn Than Professors?’

A controversy has been sparked as a result of the emphasis that Kenyan Professor Herman Manyora placed on the significance of educators and their frequently undervalued efforts. In view of the significant impact that they have on culture and society, he believes that educators do not receive the recognition they deserve on this planet because their just deserts await them in heaven.

The idea that the acknowledgement of teachers extends beyond merely providing them with cash benefits is brought out by Manyora’s statement.

In addition to this, Manyora brings to light an intriguing contradiction that may be found within Kenya’s compensation system. He draws attention to the fact that Members of County Assembly (MCAs) receive larger wages than university professors, which is a revelation that has sparked arguments regarding the distribution of resources and the priorities of the nation.

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This revelation raises concerns regarding whether or not educators are receiving the recognition and money that they truly deserve.

The statements made by Professor Manyora serve as a painful reminder of the fundamental importance of teachers and the requirement for equitable compensation that reflects their crucial role in moulding the future of the nation. These issues are currently being grappled with by Kenya, which is also working on educational reform and workforce development.

The opinion expressed by Professor Manyora is reflected in a tweet that was posted by KTN TV News Kenya. The message reads, “We cannot celebrate teachers on earth because teachers work for God; their reward is in heaven.” According to Professor Herman Manyora, in Kenya, the salaries of MCAs are far higher than those of professors.


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