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A Master’s Degree in Witchcraft is now offered by a university.

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A Master’s Degree in Witchcraft is now offered by a university.

The University of Exeter in the United Kingdom is poised to introduce the country’s first-ever Master’s Degree in Magic and Applied Witchcraft in 2024, in an unprecedented step. This novel program is intended for individuals who have a strong desire to explore the enthralling realms of enchantment and sorcery.

The Master’s Degree in “Innovation” in the Science of Magic and Witchcraft will provide a thorough examination of magic, from its historical origins to modern applications. It will cover a variety of themes, including as spellcasting, potion-making, divination, and magical rites.

The University of Exeter will gather a prestigious faculty comprised of accomplished magicians, prominent scholars, and experts in several magical areas to offer an intensive learning experience. Students will have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to study from these seasoned practitioners and receive vital insight into the practical parts of magic.

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In addition, the institution intends to build a cutting-edge magical laboratory outfitted with cutting-edge instruments and resources. Students will be able to conduct experiments and investigate the scientific foundations of magic in this laboratory.

Contrary to popular belief, a Master’s Degree in Magic will provide more than just amusement. Its primary goal is to investigate the practical uses of magic in a variety of sectors, including psychology, healthcare, and the creative arts.

This Master’s Degree represents a larger cultural shift, indicating the growing acknowledgment of magic as a valid academic discipline. As society’s fascination with the mysterious and supernatural grows, this curriculum will provide a platform for aspiring magicians to get a deeper grasp of this ancient art while encouraging critical thinking and scholarly inquiry.


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