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A Principal Jumps Over School Fence After Leaking KCSE Paper To Candidates

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A Principal Jumps Over School Fence After Leaking KCSE Paper To Candidates

Gekonge High School teachers have been implicated in a scam that has compromised this year’s Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) exams. There have been allegations of misbehaviour that has jeopardised the fairness of the examinations, and as a result, the headmaster, Morris Oyugi, and three other teachers have been taken into custody.

Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) found that this organisation was running a secret exam-copying operation. What makes this affair unique is the brazen way in which teachers hid on school grounds during exams by replacing trustworthy school treasurers and secretaries with their own people.

These teachers, who were entrusted with the instruction and moral supervision of their students, astonishingly obtained exam materials from the distribution centre, photocopied them at a nearby elementary school, and then delivered them to unaware students in the exam room.

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Police investigations led them to suspect Christian Religious Education (CRE) teacher Christine Kemunto, who went to considerable efforts to disguise herself as a secretary.

Teachers who are supposed to be role models for their students have instead become the masterminds behind a systematic deception. In a twist worthy of a Hollywood thriller, maths instructor Eric Moseti evaded capture by climbing over a fence and running away once his crime was uncovered.

This bold elopement calls into question the reliability of the ongoing KCSE examinations. As these facts become clear, the educational system must decide how to respond to the immediate need for heightened monitoring and protection.

This episode highlights the critical nature of preserving honesty and integrity in academic evaluations. Academic institutions as a whole will feel the effects of this incident, and likely will reevaluate their security measures as a result.

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