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Final Modifications By MoE To 2023 Third Term Closing Dates

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Final Modifications By MoE To 2023 Third Term Closing Dates

MoE Completely Modifies the Closing Dates for the 2023 Third Term. The Ministry of Education (MoE) has released the academic calendar for the third term, which takes place before the 2023 KNEC National Examinations.

On September 15, Dr. Bellio Kipsang, the principal secretary for basic education, announced that candidates would start sitting for national exams on that day.

Kipsang urged parents to take the required steps and collaborate with teachers to ensure that the students’ test times go successfully.

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“All schools started the third term of the 2023 academic year on August 28, 2023, and it is scheduled to last through October 27, 2023 in order to get ready for the national examinations season.

All school events involving parents and other stakeholders are prohibited during the Third Term in order to allow for appropriate preparations ahead to the National Examinations, which are set to start on October 30, 2023, according to the statement.

He continued by saying that the government will provide schools all the capitation money they needed to continue using a common calendar.

“The National Treasury has given the Ministry of Education Ksh16,249,982,722.28 billion as capitation funds to assist the effective functioning of all school activities. The announcement stated that this sum would be given to pupils enrolled in public elementary, junior, and secondary schools.

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According to Kipsang, capitation would be allocated as follows: Ksh1.2 billion for free day secondary education; Ksh12.9 billion for free elementary education; Ksh1.75 billion for junior secondary schools.

To maintain the regular operations of all school activities, the Ministry of Education will see to it that the funds are credited to the relevant school accounts by September 20, 2023.

A thorough accounting of the funds and guidelines for their judicious use have been provided to the schools in compliance with government regulations.

For the fiscal year 2022–2023, the Ministry of Education allocated Ksh89.4 billion in total as capitation for primary, junior, and high school education.

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