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The government has announced the closing date for schools.

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The government has announced the closing date for schools.

The Ministry of Education has distributed the school schedule for the third trimester in order to facilitate preparation for the National Examinations in 2023. The announcement that schools will start courses on October 30 was made on September 15 by Dr. Bellio Kipsang, who is the Principal Secretary of Basic Education. He suggested that parents start making preparations early and collaborate with their children’s teachers in order to make the next testing period as stress-free as possible for their children.

“On the 28th of August, 2023, all schools started the Third Term of the 2023 academic calendar, and this term is scheduled to continue until the 27th of October, 2023, in preparation for the national examinations season. ” According to the statement, “School activities involving parents and other stakeholders are prohibited during this time to allow for adequate preparations prior to the beginning of the National Examinations on October 30th, 2023.”

Kipsang went on to say that the administration has taken steps to ensure that there would be ongoing learning during the third term. In addition, the government intends to disperse the necessary capitation money to schools in order to ensure that the academic calendar operates without any hitches.

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In accordance with the declaration, “The Ministry of Education has received Ksh16,249,982,722.28 billion from The National Treasury as capitation funds to distribute to learners in public Primary, Junior, and Secondary schools.” As a part of this allocation, Ksh1.75 billion will be given to Junior Secondary Schools, Ksh1.56 billion will be given to Free Primary Education, and Ksh12.9 billion will be given to Free Day Secondary Education.

According to the release, the funds will be sent into the appropriate school accounts on or before September 20th, 2023 in order to facilitate the efficient implementation of activities that are centered on learning. In order for schools to be in accordance with the laws that have been passed by the government, specific financial breakdowns and guidelines regarding the appropriate use of the funds have been provided to the schools.

During the fiscal year 2022/2023, the Ministry of Education allocated a total of Ksh89.4 billion for the purpose of providing capitation to students attending Primary, Junior, and Secondary Schools.


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