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Good news for KNEC contractors: MoE assures

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Good news for KNEC contractors: MoE assures

The Principal Secretary of the State Department of Basic Education, Dr. Belio Kipsang, has provided his guarantee that teachers who are responsible for managing tests will receive their compensation in a timely manner.

He stressed the commitment of the Ministry of Education to ensure prompt reimbursement for examiners, invigilators, scorers, and security staff, as well as anybody else participating in the administration of national exams, in order to prevent any disruptions.

Dr. Kipsang emphasized the significance of working together on a common goal in order to maintain the testing procedure’s legitimacy. He emphasized how important it is to address the widespread lack of confidence that exists throughout the administration of examinations.

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He made the suggestion that involving the police might not be required if there was faith in the capacity of teachers to administer genuine and fair examinations.

He asked all parties involved to strive toward restoring trust during national tests in an effort to restore the trust that was once there in the teaching profession. His goal was to reestablish the trust that was once present. He questioned why there are not leaks in mock examinations despite the fact that teachers are responsible for setting them up, delivering them, and grading them. He proposed that the same level of trust could be used to national exams.

To ensure that pupils have adequate time to prepare for their examinations, Dr. Kipsang advised schools not to schedule extracurricular activities during the third term of the academic year. During this key term, he asked the teachers to refrain from sending kids, particularly candidates, home for school fees. He wanted to reduce the amount of disturbances that students experienced while they were preparing for their exams.

It is anticipated that approximately 3.5 million students will take part in national examinations in Kenya this year. Of those students, 1.4 million will be candidates for the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE), 1.2 million will be candidates for the Kenya Primary School Education Assessment (KPSEA), and 900,000 will be candidates for the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education Examinations (KCSE). The Ministry of Education continues to place a high priority on the smooth and efficient administration of these examinations.

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