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HELB Scholarship Appeal If Not Awarded

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HELB Scholarship Appeal If Not Awarded

The Universities Fund has offered advise to students whose government scholarship applications were denied. According to a press statement issued by the Universities Fund on Thursday, September 14, they can seek money through an appeal process.

The organization has encouraged students to file appeals, giving them another opportunity to receive critical financial support for their higher education. The Universities Fund lists a variety of reasons for scholarship denials, including possible oversights or administrative errors by government officials.

Additionally, students who received less scholarship assistance than anticipated may request a reconsideration of their award amount, whether seeking an increase or decrease.

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According to the Universities Fund, “individuals may appeal or request a review of their Government Student Scholarships award if they were not satisfied with the amount given, including unsuccessful scholarship applications,” according to their press release.

Follow these steps to begin the appeal process for additional government scholarship funds via the University Fund Platform:

1. Navigate to the portal and sign in to your account.

2. Go into your account and review your application.

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3. Select the “Appeals” tab.

4. Submit your appeal, including a lengthy explanation in the “Reason for Appeal” area, as well as specific instances of how the additional cash can help your academic aspirations. Financial statements, academic transcripts, and letters of recommendation are examples of supporting documentation.

5. Select the “Submit” option.

Within a few weeks, the University Fund Platform will consider your appeal and tell you of their decision. Successful appeal letters should be precise and short, highlighting academic accomplishments and potential.

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Applicants should explain why they need additional financing and how it will help them succeed academically, supporting their arguments with proof.

According to the Universities Fund, only students born in Kenya are eligible for government scholarships under the new paradigm. Based on their eligibility, international students should investigate funding opportunities through their individual universities, governments, or financial assistance agencies.




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