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How to Submit an Early Retirement Application for Teachers at TSC

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How to Submit an Early Retirement Application for Teachers at TSC.

Currently, teachers must retire at age 60, and those with disabilities must retire at age 65. To provide young people a chance to work in the public sector, the parliamentary committee is proposing lowering the obligatory retirement age from the current 60 years to 55.

If a plan to lower the retirement age is passed by parliament, teachers and government employees will be able to retire at age 55.

A public officer must retire from their position as of the date they reach the obligatory retirement age, per Section 80(1)(a) and (b) of the Public Service Commission Act 2017.

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Early retirement can be a terrible reality, but with some proper financial planning, you can lessen the blow. When you can retire at any time, you might plan to keep working and maintaining your standard of living.
The teacher must submit a written application through the institution’s head with three months’ notice and the anticipated retirement date.

The Commission will consider the application and issue a retirement notice after receiving it. Once the instructor has provided the necessary documentation, process the retirement claim. The Director of Pension, Treasury, will thereafter receive the claim for payment.

Upon receipt of the retirement notice a teacher shall;

  1. Promptly forward all the required documents listed in the notice.
  2. Indicate full particulars of his/her bank account in the bank forms.
  3. Commute a fraction of his/her pension up to a quarter.
  4. Confirm Tax status with KRA and settle any tax liabilities.

Documents required by TSC to process pensions for retired teachers.

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To ensure faster processing of pension payments, retiring teachers need to avail of the following documents:

  1. Duly filled TSC clearance certificate.
  2. Two copies of the bank plate on both sides.
  3. Two copies of national ID cards on both sides.
  4. Duly completed option to commute pension form in duplicate.
  5. Duly completed lump sum payment form (bank form).
  6. Two copies of each of all promotion letters/certificates.
  7. The earliest copy of the pay slip showing Women’s and Children’s Pensions Scheme (WCPS) deductions for male teachers.
  8. Copies of marriage certificates/affidavits to confirm names for married teachers whose documents have different names.
  9. Teachers who served as Untrained Teachers to attach NSSF statement.
  10. Two copies of the KRA PIN certificate




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