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TSC Teachers Annual Leave Allowance Based on Grade and Scale

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TSC Teachers Annual Leave Allowance Based on Grade and Scale.

The 42 days of annual leave that teachers are entitled to must be used during the summer. It is assumed that a teacher who is not on annual leave is still on duty even during school breaks.
Depending on their grade and TSC scale, teachers receive different annual leave allowances. The sums for teachers’ annual leave allowance are as follows:

Grade B5 on the TSC Scale 5 is 4,000; Grade C1 on the TSC Scale 6 is 6,000; Grade C3 on the TSC Scale 8 is 6,000; Grade C4 on the TSC Scale 9 is 6,000; Grade C5 on the TSC Scale 10 is 6,000; Grade D1 on the TSC Scale 11 is 10,000; Grade D2 on the TSC Scale 12 is 10,000; Grade D3 on the TSC Scale 13 is 10,000; Grade D4 on

Please be aware that the annual leave allowance changes according to the teacher’s grade and TSC scale.

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Please click here to apply for a teachers’ yearly leave.

To ensure that personnel can leave the department with ease, all section heads should have leave roasters in place. The roaster ought to display the time frame and the days requested.

A month before the start of the leave, officers must complete the leave form in DUPLICATE and submit it to the Secret Registry.

There is just one payment of the leave allowance every calendar year. Any leave that is carried forward for more than half the number of days that are allowed will be automatically lost, so more than 15 days for 30 days.

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Employees who go on maternity leave will still be able to use their annual leave days.
If an employee misses work due to illness or fails to report after visiting the doctor, they must present a medical note (sick off), or the day will be counted as an absence and deducted from their pay. In order to be eligible for sick leave, this must occur within 24 hours.

Annual leave is not available to officers who are on study leave.



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