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At Fanisi HR Solutions, the operations manager

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At Fanisi HR Solutions, the operations manager

Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Have oversight over business operations and keep management updated
  2. Manage the team workflow and schedules
  3. Follow up on tasks and ensure they are closed on time
  4. Work with teams to ensure effective service delivery
  5. Manage client needs and expectations
  6. Supervise staff and manage staff performance
  7. Maintain staff discipline and conflict management
  8. Improve operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness
  9. Develop and implement office policies, set up office procedures and standards
  10. Prepare the office budget, record expenditures and monitor office supplies etc
  11. Ensure that work tools and equipment are well maintained
  12. Provide administrative and operational support.

At Fanisi HR Solutions, the operations manager

Required Specifications

  1. Able to work efficiently under pressure
  2. Able to work and stand for long hours
  3. Possess exemplary team management and leadership skills
  4. Attentive to detail, excellent organisational and time management skills
  5. Minimum of a Diploma in business administration/management/Hospitality/Beauty etc or any relevant field
  6. Proactive, resourceful and able to solve problems and provide solutions
  7. Possess outstanding communication skills (both oral and written).
  8. Must have exceptional customer service skills, great interpersonal abilities and emotional intelligence
  9. Knowledge of MS Office, and petty cash management
  10. Ability to lead and manage and work with a team

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