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‘I have a job’—Raila strikes back at Atwoli Maandamano remarks.

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‘I have a job’—Raila strikes back at Atwoli Maandamano remarks.

Azimio the Umoja Kenya coalition leader Raila Odinga has chastised trade unionist Francis Atwoli for claiming that opposition leaders participated in recent anti-government protests protesting rising living costs and electoral violations were unemployed.

Speaking at a burial ceremony in Vihiga County on Saturday, the opposition head slammed Atwoli’s remarks, claiming that key Azimio leaders who have been at the forefront of recent street protests hold various offices.

Raila stated that the leaders were not looking for posts in the Kenya Kwanza administration, as suggested by the secretary general of the Central Organization of Trade Unions (COTU) and high-ranking officials in President William Ruto’s administration.

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He reminded Atwoli that he is the party head of the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) Party, a national political organization.

At the same time, Raila informed Atwoli that former Kakamega Governor Wycliffe Oparanya is the ODM Party’s deputy leader.

Raila also stated that he was not interested in sharing power with Ruto, but rather in learning the truth about the disputed presidential election results in August 2022.

Only an audit of the electoral servers, according to the former prime minister, would put an end to the current standoff between the opposition and the administration.

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“We do not want to share power with anyone.” And I’m not sure which office you want to give Oparanya, Atwoli. Raila Odinga is the ODM leader. Oparanya has a business. Raila responded to Atwoli’s statements that he was lobbying for positions for some Azimio leaders during the burial of long-serving COTU chairman Rajabu Mwondi at Kapchemugung Secondary School by saying, “He is the deputy leader of ODM, a big office.”

“The ODM is a Kenyan national party.” He continued, “It’s a big office.”

Raila accused Atwoli of ignoring employees after reportedly sleeping with Ruto’s administration.

“As the president of the workers’ union, you (Atwoli) should be on the front lines advocating for workers’ rights… “We’re doing your work,” Raila explained.

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“There will be a problem if the workers’ union aligns with the government.” Typically, there are three parties involved: the workers, the government, and the employers. “Each has its own point of view,” he added.

Last Sunday, Atwoli slammed the opposition for calling for street protests, claiming that the mass movement was harming the economy.

Atwoli said individuals with jobs were busy helping the nation during an interdenominational church service attended by Ruto in Bongoma County.




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