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Raila Odinga opposes unjustified college tuition increases.

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Raila Odinga opposes unjustified college tuition increases.

Raila Odinga opposes the unjustified hike in college tuition fees. Raila Odinga, the Azimio alliance’s leader, has claimed that the escalating cost of university tuition is intolerable.

According to Raila, the policy will make education less accessible to all Kenyans.

The leader of the opposition stated that now, more than ever, everyone in the country deserves free education.

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He asserted that if they had won the election, the Azimio strategy for the country would have prioritised free education.

Free education up to the university level, a crucial component of the Azimio programme, is currently critical for our country, said Raila.

He expressed concern and considered it unacceptable that higher education was becoming increasingly unavailable.

Most students are concerned that if the Education Taskforce’s proposed financing model is implemented, they will be unable to enrol in their preferred universities.

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Despite the government’s warning, many universities have boosted tuition, which has concerned some students.

Despite the government’s repeated warnings against fee increases, this still occurs.

Universities, according to Geoffrey Monari, CEO of the Universities Fund, have signed an agreement with their group based on the rates they now collect.

He went on to state that the memorandum of understanding would be null and void, and that any university that wanted to hike tuition would face consequences.

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The state has also reconsidered the system for giving funding to students and will now award scholarships based on financial need.




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