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KNEC Issues A Statement Regarding The Alleged Abuse of The KCSE Exam

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KNEC Issues A Statement Regarding The Alleged Abuse of The KCSE Exam.

Exam malpractices on the KCSE. The KCSE exam papers that are circulating online are phony, according to the Kenya National Examinations Council.

CEO of KNEC David Njeng’ere claims that in an effort to stop people from spreading exam papers on social media, especially Telegram, the government is working with the ICT department.

According to Njeng’ere, there are no real exam papers available for download on the internet.

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In reality, they collaborate, locate an image of the paper being finished, and then try to share it on social media. There’s not a single genuine document that may circulate over social media, I can say that much with absolute assurance.

He claimed that the new regulations implemented during the KCSE exam administration this year have assisted in reducing anomalies.

According to Njeng’ere, limiting early exposure of the second session papers has been made possible by the double collecting of morning and afternoon papers.

The scripts are put back in the container after the morning paper is collected at 7 a.m. and distributed between 8 and 10 a.m.

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After that, at 1:30 pm, the center managers gather the papers for the second session, which is administered at 2:00 pm.

Out of 903,260 candidates, there have only been 46 incidents of candidates being implicated in various malpractice cases across the nation, which he called a minuscule number.

The CEO praised monitoring officers’ extreme vigilance and secondary school instructors‘ responsiveness to the new regulations.

He said that all instances of attempted malpractice or involvement in any conduct that could result in malpractice have been notified, and appropriate action has been done.

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According to Njeng’ere, examiners will be on the lookout for any conduct that suggests the attempts were successful during the processing and marking of tests.

KNEC Makes A Statement On The Reported KCSE Exam Malpractices

“There are clear rules. Since these are national exams, all candidates must follow the same rules, he explained.

The National Assembly Committee on Education disclosed last month that during the KCSE exams of the previous year, the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) dealt with 68 cases of exam misconduct.

Of those, about 44 were still under investigation, 17 were still pending in court, and 6 had previously been resolved.

There were roughly 47 occurrences involving the use of cell phones, 12 involving written materials, and 1 involving a student impersonation.






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