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Teachers in Nairobi Rally at TSC Offices, Demanding Transfers

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Teachers in Nairobi Rally at TSC Offices, Demanding Transfers.

At the TSC offices in Nairobi, teachers riot and demand transfers. Teachers from the northeastern part of the county visited the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) offices in Nairobi on Tuesday.

Due to a number of problems, their objective was to push for transfers. According to a Citizen Digital video, these instructors raised the problem of the rising insecurity in their neighborhood and begged to be relocated to safer regions.

One of the teachers erupted in rage, “We detest the idea of being accompanied by heavily armed military vehicles, as if we are engaged in unlawful activity.” Police officers watch us closely. What point is being made? Are we being dragged into danger?

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An additional teacher who works in Mandera said, “The ongoing security challenges we face in Mandera have brought us here, seeking a platform to voice our appeals.”

This situation is the result of months of protests by non-local residents about the rising insecurity in Mandera. They had warned that there might be street protests if the administration didn’t appropriately address their concerns.

Jafan Kitui, a teacher at Mandera East’s Al Huda Primary School, disclosed that he hasn’t been able to go home in more than a year.

The stabilization of security in Mandera county should be given top priority, he pleaded with President Ruto and [Interior CS] Kindiki. Personally, due to the aforementioned reasons, I’ve had to miss a few funerals for close family members.

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The necessity for equitable distribution and maximum teacher utilization, according to TSC CEO Nancy Macharia, is what drives teacher transfers among institutions, as she stressed in her March testimony before the Senate Committee on Education.

The choice to transfer also takes into account other factors such station openings, the need for replacements, staffing requirements, and medical explanations that are approved by a licensed physician.

In a statement, Cavin Anyuor, director of legal, labor, and industrial relations at TSC, explained why some instructors chose not to request to return to their own counties.

The employers of these teachers also cautioned against understanding the reversal of the delocalization policy as a requirement for instructors to now teach in both their home counties and their villages.

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According to TSC, forcing all teachers to return to their home counties will lead to a staffing deficit in areas that haven’t been able to produce enough instructors.




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