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Teachers threaten to boycott KNEC supervision, causing a setback.

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Teachers threaten to boycott KNEC supervision, causing a setback.

The Kenya Union of Post Primary Education Teachers (KUPPET) has warned that they will boycott their duties invigilating, overseeing, and marking national examinations, including the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE). This proposed action is in response to their members’ poor treatment and difficult working circumstances.

As national examination dates approach, KUPPET has highlighted worries about working conditions, inadequate and dangerous settings, and the poor and delayed distribution of payments for their members. Before agreeing to give their services, they have required an agreement with the Kenya National Examinations Council (KNEC) to address these difficulties.

KUPPET leaders from several regions gathered for an annual general assembly to examine these problems. They emphasized the lack of an agreement between KUPPET and KNEC regarding the appointment and use of union members for national test invigilation and marking.

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Teachers frequently spend long hours during invigilation, resulting in overtime work, yet KNEC does not compensate for this extra effort.

KUPPET is concerned about the rates of remuneration for marking papers, which vary depending on the subject. Teachers believe the disparities are unjust. Furthermore, working conditions at exam marking centers have been questioned, with concerns raised regarding unsanitary dormitories and the danger of illness transmission.

KUPPET has advised its members not to report to examination and marking centers until KNEC addresses these concerns and strives to improve working conditions and marking rates.

The union also opposes the Ministry of Education’s attempts to take over parts of the Teachers Service Commission’s (TSC) functions and seeks to preserve the TSC’s independence. KUPPET aims to close the salary gap between classroom teachers and principals, lower the number of junior school instructors assigned to primary schools, and solve other issues in the education system.

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Finally, KUPPET is taking a strong stand on a variety of issues, including working conditions, wage discrepancies, and teacher deployment, and is encouraging its members to support these efforts through negotiation and collective action.




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