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TSC Promotion Interview Scoresheet for Oct. 2023

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TSC Promotion Interview Scoresheet for Oct. 2023

The Teacher Service Commission (TSC) recently unveiled a new promotion scorecard, signaling a dramatic change in the way educators are promoted in Kenya.

This project seeks to establish professionalism, uphold ethical norms, and improve instructional quality in the teaching profession.

TSC is responsible for numerous parts of teacher administration, such as registration, recruiting, placement, salary, promotion, and punishment. It also works to keep teaching quality high and decrease unrest in educational institutions.

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TSC is actively committed in discovering and fostering highly qualified candidates for leadership roles in educational institutions as part of its quest of excellence.

Candidates must be professionally trained university Graduate Teachers, Technical Teachers, or Lecturers employed by the Teachers Service Commission to be eligible for these posts.

They must be proficient in both classroom teaching and administration, have a minimum job group M grade, and have a clean personal record.

The new TSC Promotion Scoresheet, which goes into effect in October 2023, provides a standardized approach to evaluating candidates for promotion. It has numerous scoring sections, each examining a distinct aspect of an educator’s abilities:

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1. Administrative Abilities: This portion evaluates achievements, co-curricular activities, engagement in educational affairs, knowledge of the establishment, members, and functions of the Parent-Teacher Association/Board of Management (PTA/BOM), as well as recognizing the role of sponsors. In this category, you can gain up to 30 points.

2. Knowledge of Education Issues: This section assesses the candidate’s knowledge of post-independence educational trends, numerous education commissions, their purpose, recommendations, and adoptions/implementation. It has a maximum point value of 12.

3. Curriculum Expertise: Candidates are assessed here on their understanding of curriculum development, the structure and function of the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD), current curriculum trends, curriculum implementation, and the structure and function of the Teachers Service Commission. This section allows for a maximum of 28 points.

4. Legal Framework in Education: This section assesses the candidate’s understanding of key legal aspects in education, such as the Teachers Service Commission Act, the Education Act, the Kenya National Examinations Council, the Trade and Dispute Act, the TSC Code of Regulations for Teachers, Teacher Service Schemes, and a manual for Heads of Secondary Schools in Kenya. It has a maximum score of seven points.

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5. Knowledge of Educational Organizations: Candidates are also assessed on their familiarity with various educational organizations, such as the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD), the Jomo Kenyatta Foundation, and the Kenya Literature Bureau, for a total of 6 points.

In conclusion, the release of the TSC New Promotion Scoresheet demonstrates the Teacher Service Commission’s commitment to improving educational quality in Kenya.

This systematic strategy ensures that educators are promoted based on their capabilities and abilities, contributing to the country’s teaching profession’s professionalism and excellence.

Finally, this program promises to benefit both educators and the larger school system, improving educational quality throughout Kenya.




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