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The government will not fund 45,000 university students: FALSE

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The government will not fund 45,000 university students: FALSE

The Higher Education Loans Board’s Chief Executive Officer, Charles Ringera, has contested Embakasi East MP Babu Owino’s statements about government support for students joining universities in the 2023/2024 academic year.

Ringera underlined that, while government help would be offered to all eligible students, the level of financial assistance would vary. Specifically, 45,000 kids would receive complete 100 percent financing, while the remainder pupils would receive 93 percent funding, with their families contributing the remaining 7 percent.

This financing distinction applies to two distinct kinds of pupils: vulnerable and highly needy students.

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MP Babu Owino took to social media to claim that only 45,000 of the approximately 800,000 students planning to enroll in universities would be fortunate enough to receive government funding.

Ringera, on the other hand, contested this figure, providing a different viewpoint. According to Ringera, the previous year’s KCSE examination was taken by 869,782 students. Only 173,127 pupils in this cohort received the minimum entry mark for university admission, a C+.

140,107 suitable students applied for university placements and were successfully assigned to various programs across the country’s public universities.

In light of this, Ringera recommended students to continue applying for government support through the Higher Education Fund website as the September 7 application deadline approaches.

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This guarantees that qualified students have a fair opportunity of receiving the financial assistance they require to pursue their higher education goals.




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