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Treasury Appropriates CDF Sh1 Billion for Junior Secondary School Buildings

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Treasury Appropriates CDF Sh1 Billion for Junior Secondary School Buildings

In order to build classrooms for students in junior high school (JSS), the Treasury has reallocated Sh1 billion from the State Department of Education’s budget to the National Government Constituencies Development Fund (NG-CDF).

In the financial year 2023-24, the Treasury had initially allotted Sh3.379 billion to the State Department for Basic Education for the construction of classrooms and integrated learning resource centers in JSS.

The State Department of Economic Planning has been allocated an extra Sh1 billion in development expenditure, according to the Supplementary Estimates I for the 2023-24 fiscal year. The PS for Economic Planning, James Muhati, has informed lawmakers of this funding, saying it will mostly be used to build classrooms for students in junior high schools as part of the NG-CDF initiative.

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The State Department for Economic Planning is in charge of NG-CDF’s Sh53.5 billion budget. Allocations vary from district to district based on seventh grade enrollment, with funding being matched one-to-one.

For the 2023/24 fiscal year, the participation of the Ministry of Education is a special prerequisite for approval by the NG-CDF board for applications for constituency projects.

The NG-CDF’s chief executive, Yusuf Mbuno, has instructed all stakeholders to coordinate efforts between NG-CDF committees, sub-county directors of education, and deputy county commissioners while choosing and implementing projects’ beneficiary institutions.

Bungoma (Sh164.14 mn), Nairobi (Sh148.57 mn), Kisii (Sh120.78 mn), and Kilifi (Sh118.4 mn) are the top five recipient counties. Lamu, Marsabit, Mandera, Laikipia, and Mombasa counties receive the least amount of money (Sh11.8 million, Sh19.2 million, Sh24.4 million, and Sh46.66 million, respectively).

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Mt. Elgon received Sh25.18 million, Alego Usonga received Sh24.12 million, Naivasha received Sh23.132 million, Magarini received Sh21.2 million, Tongaren received Sh21.2 million, and Kilifi North received Sh21 million. Balambala (Sh1.8 m), Tarbaj (Sh1.9 m), Banisa (Sh2 m), and Turkana East (Sh2.78 m) receive the most funds, while Eldas (Sh1.27 m), Mandera West (Sh1.2 m), Lafey (Sh1.2 m), Dadaab (Sh1.2 m), and Lagdera (Sh1.2 m) receive the least.

The constituency of Kanduyi receives Sh25.9 million, the second-highest allocation, followed by Lagdera (Sh1.2 million), Lafey (Sh1.2 million), and Fafi (Sh1.2 million).



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