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 TSC begins teacher training in various sub-counties.

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TSC begins teacher training in various sub-counties.

The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) is training educators in sub-counties nationwide. TSC’s Teacher Induction Mentorship and Coaching (TIMEC) program provides this training. TIMEC improves teacher performance.

A principal, deputy, and teacher must attend each training session. Some sub-counties will start training this week. The Commission’s Upper Hill headquarters has received teacher names.

TSC announced last April that mentorship program graduates will have an advantage in promotions. These professors will mostly attend recruitment interviews as formalities. The Commission’s framework and policy underpin this program.

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TIMEC graduates earn certificates, which can lead to promotions, appointments, and accolades. Mentor and mentee receive certificates.

Mentors and mentees will also receive Teacher Professional Development (TPD) points per policy framework and career advancement criteria. TIMEC’s organized teacher support program emphasizes prevention to help teachers maintain professional conduct and performance.

TIMEC was created by TSC to improve teachers’ professional ethics and practices by building their competencies, skills, and understanding of teaching laws, rules, policies, procedures, values, and norms. The program has mentors, coaches, and mentees with particular duties.

Mentors and coaches create mentorship programs, schedule sessions, advise, and model. Mentees should identify areas for improvement, take responsibility for their development, and be proactive in mentorship.

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Participants get certificates, TPD points, and job promotion advantages upon program completion. Mentors and coaches must be knowledgeable, ethical, willing to volunteer, and appreciated by their peers. Gender, handicap, and religion will also influence mentor choices.

Senior instructors, peers, subject leaders, administrators, and specialists can mentor. Newly hired teachers, administrators, teachers with performance issues, and mentor development candidates are eligible mentees.

Mentorship lasts at least one year, with coaching as needed. Mentorship might continue after the initial period. Discipline or grievances in accordance with procedures resolve disputes.

The policy will aid novice teachers, school officials, and struggling teachers. Institutionalization, empowered administrators, supportive teachers, and empowered learners are short- and long-term program goals. This effort seeks to improve teacher conduct and performance.

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