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TSC Issues New Strict Policies Regarding Teachers’ Annual Leave

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TSC Issues New Strict Policies Regarding Teachers’ Annual Leave

The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) has released new instructions for all Secretariat workers regarding the use of annual leave.

Dr. Nancy Macharia, the Commission’s CEO, voiced concern in an internal memo dated October 9, 2023 and written to all of the organization’s directors concerning certain staff employees’ failure to follow Clause 57 of the Human Resource Policies and Procedures Manual 2018.

This communication, which has also been distributed to regional directors, county directors, and sub-county directors, highlights the importance of all TSC Secretariat personnel taking their yearly leave of 30 days each year. It instructs these officers to assess and update the staff’s pending leave days in their respective service areas.

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Dr. Macharia emphasized the need of employees taking their annual leave in accordance with the Leave Roaster in order to ensure the smooth continuity of service delivery to teachers and other stakeholders. Senior officials are responsible with properly regulating leaves through administrative measures.

Staff members who have accumulated or unused leave days are encouraged to take use of the approved leave roaster as soon as possible. Those who are unable to do so owing to work-related obligations must apply for leave deferment, with decisions made in accordance with the memo’s rules.

Dr. Macharia emphasized the importance of using all leave days, including those carried forward or deferred in the current leave year, by June 30, 2024. According to the memo, no more than 15 unspent leave days can be carried over into a new leave year, and the Commission may demand cash compensation from people who do not use their vacation days.

Those who seek to opt out of their yearly leave for any reason must obtain prior written consent from the Director of Human Resources and Development, with a warning that failure to follow these standards would result in penalties.

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The memo also directs the Director of Operations to work with regional directors to coordinate leave dates for all field workers and ensure that the guidelines are followed.




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